4-Q puppies klein

Q- litter, born 28 May 2012.

Mr. Quby The Blizzard ( 3th from left)

Miss Quicksilver,Qui Vive Miss Marple, Qupido Miss Heart, Qrazy Miss Muppet, Miss Queen Of Disco,Miss Quty Patooty .


Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents
CH Mr Naughty By Nature Sweet Honesty  CH. Kebic's Ruthger  Mr Victim Of Love Sweet Honesty
 CH.Kebic's Kicki
 Jolly Miss Peggy Sue Sweet Honesty   CH. Prairiwind's Sweet William
 CH. Miss Fortune Cookie Sweet Honesty
 Miss Lucy In The Sky Sweet Honesty  CH.Prairiwind's CaribbeanPirate  CH.Prairiwind's Ruff 'N Ready
 Shelley's Prairie China Doll
 CH. Miss Fortune Cookie Sweet Honesty  Mucho Bravo Bonte Bink
 CH. Baby Mellow My Mind Sweet Honesty

 4-Pom Pom en Wum klein  

Born 22 February 2011. 9th Sweet Honesty generation.

Mr. Pearl Jam.

Miss Pom Pom Polkadot (black/tan).



Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents
 CH. Mr. Naughty By Nature Sweet Honesty    
 Miss Lucy In The Sky sweet Honesty    
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4-klein 012

Peggy pups website

Born at 30 July 2010 : O - litter.


2 boys and 5 girls.

Oddball Mr. Bean. Mr. Out Of The Blues.

Miss O' Hara Scarlett. Miss Orinoco Flow.

Miss Obsession. Miss Ob La Di Ob La Da.

Oh My Miss Lollypop.


Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grantparents
 CH.Kebic's Ruthger    
 Jolly Miss Peggy Sue Sweet Honesty    


Below are pictures of some of the puppies at the age of  8 weeks.

4-moonwalker head

Mr. Moonwalker


4-naughty head

Mr. Naughty By Nature


4-Nova head

Miss Nova Star Cosmic

4-Flame head

Mr. New Flame In Town


4-Marillion head

Mr. Marillion


4-moonraker head

Mr. Moonraker


4-pups Cookie 1 week 

 28 April 2009 M-litter.

Mr. Marillion. Mr. Moonraker. Mr. Moonwalker. Mr. Moody Blues. Miss Morgan Le Fay.


Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents
 Diltedotten Amazing Amigo    
 CH. Miss Fortune Cookie Sweet Honesty    


4-pups Peggy 1 week

 28 April 2009 N-litter.

Mr. New Flame In Town. Mr. Naughty By Nature. Mr. Night Fever. Miss Nova Star Cosmic.


Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents
 CH. Kebic's Ruthger    
 Jolly Miss Peggy Sue Sweet Honesty    








4-pippi 7 weeks

On 7 Feb. 2008 L- litter is born.
This combination is done by A.I. with frozen semen send over from USA.
Owner of sire is Linda Luikens, Grass Valley, CA.

Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents
 CH.Prairiwind's Caribbean Pirate    
 CH. Miss Fortune Cookie Sweet Honesty    




Parents are:
Sire: CH. Prairiwind's Caribbean Pirate.
Dame: CH. Miss Fortune Cookie Sweet Honesty.

Parents  Grandparents  Grand-Grandparents

4-Bojangles 1

Mr. Kindly Bojangles



Mr. Karaoke Singer



Mr. Keep O' Rocking


4-puppies 6 weeks. 018

Miss Kashmira

4-Miss Kiss 1

Miss Kiss From A Rose


4-Kathy 1

Miss Kathy's Song



Miss Kiki Dee