Mr Udo The Singer Sweet Honesty 

Buenos Amigos It Is A Kind Of Magic x Qupido Miss Heart Sweet Honesty, born 8 March 2017


 Miss Unchain My Heart Sweet Honesty



The girls.




The boys



At 8 August '15, there were born 3 boys and 4 girls.

Parents are Guendo Happy Perro Z Kovárny and Qupido Miss Heart Sweet Honesty.


Mr Twist And Shout, Mr Tumbling Dice, Mr True Or Dare, Miss Top Of The Pops, Miss Tutti Frutti,

Miss Troellala, Miss Total Touch.


 At 21 Februari '15 there were born 4 boys and 5 girls.

Parents are Guendo Happy Perro Z Kovárny and Miss Pom Pom Polkadot Sweet Honesty. 


Mr Sharp Dressed Man, Mr Sultan of Swing, Mr Sound of Silence, Mr Speed of Sound.

Miss Shocking Blue, Miss Sugar Babe, Miss Sugar Magnolia, Miss Sign of The time, Miss Stake Oopsy.


                Miss Pom Pom Polkadot Sweet Honesty.

007 Guendo                                                    Guendo Happy Perro z Kovárny

R- litter was born 5 November 2013.

Out of CH. Miss Pom Pom Polkadot Sweet Honesty and Massivus Angel's Sido.



                                               "Sam"                                   "Tom Tom"                            "Diesel"

Tom Tom

 Mr. Rolling In The Deep,  "Tom Tom"




Mr Ragtime Joe 





Mr Rider On The Storm  





Puppies of the Q- litter, born 28 May,2012.

Out of my Naughty and Lucy.

4-Miss Marple 4-muppet 4-Queen
4-Quicksilver 4-Qupido 4-Quty Patooty





IMG 3113 640x360 


Naughty with his 3 lovely daughters from Q-litter born 28 may 2012.